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Homemade Dog Treats–They’ll Love Them!

Our dogs love this homemade treat.  You can make them any size or shape that works for your fur babies.

The key to making this  cookie firm and crunchy is to bake it at a low temperature for a long time.   I bake them at 275 degrees for about 50 minutes, and let them cool before you package them up.

No artificial ingredients here!  These can have a strong smell when they are baking, so don’t make them when fussy people might show up.

This recipe makes a lot of treats – you can cut it in half, thirds, etc. Continue reading Homemade Dog Treats–They’ll Love Them!

Cold Weather Tips for Pets

We all think about the temperature and what we need to keep our pets and ourselves warm, but there are a few things we also need to be aware of to keep our pets safe.other dog in snow

Don’t let pets drink water in driveways and roadways.  It might have antifreeze which can be deadly, even in small amounts.

If it’s icy outside, wipe your dog’s feet after walks to remove chemicals or salt that might they might have walked through which can irritate footpads. Continue reading Cold Weather Tips for Pets