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Learn Fingerspelling (You May Need it One Day)

Are the kids stuck indoors, in the car, or just plain bored?

Have them learn “fingerspelling”–the one-handed American Manual Alphabet.  It’s an important part of American Sign Language.manual alphabet snip 1

It’s lots of fun, and it keeps kids occupied.  They also learn something useful that they may need someday, to communicate with someone who is deaf.

Isn’t it great to teach your kids something that they could later use to help a stranger?  Or help them chat with a deaf friend?

And it’s always fun to learn a special new code.  It’s really great for those times when kids need to keep quiet. Continue reading Learn Fingerspelling (You May Need it One Day)

Northwest Carriage Museum in Raymond

Raymond’s Northwest Carriage Museum has one of the nation’s finest collections of 19th century carriages, buggy’s, wagons and historical artifacts.

The museum is located on the scenic Willapa River, at the corner of Highway 101 and State Route 6.

The museum features the actual carriages used in famous old movies–Gone With the Wind, Jezebel, Gentleman Jim, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and The Little Princess.

It’s family friendly, educational, historical and a great place for individuals or group tours.

Hanson Cab
Hanson Cab

The museum has also earned a national reputation for carriage knowledge including historical and restoration information. Continue reading Northwest Carriage Museum in Raymond

Washington’s Homeschool Law Gives Parents a Choice

Washington’s strong homeschool law has been part of a national trend toward parents’ rejecting public schools and taking over their children’s education.

My husband Steve and I began homeschooling our three youngest children in 1992. It has always been quite a challenge to be parents to our children and teach them too. Even finding time to mark their essays or grammar tests can be tricky sometimes! We do love using a fantastic teacher app to help take us with marking!

Nettie. Katy and me at the homeschool international fair in 1995
Nettie. Katy and me at the homeschool international fair in 1995

Although currently only 4 percent of children are home-schooled in the U.S., the number of primary school kids whose parents are choosing to forgo a “traditional” education is growing seven times faster than the number of kids enrolling in K-12 every year.

According to Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, the home education growth rate is 7 percent to 15 percent per year.

Washington’s homeschool law allows a parent to home-school if (s)he has either completed a full year of college, completed a course in home-based education, is supervised by a certified educator, or has approval from the local school district.  Parents are required to sign an annual declaration and file it with the local school district. Continue reading Washington’s Homeschool Law Gives Parents a Choice