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Frisbee Golf at Mason County’s Lake Isabella State Park!

Is real golf a little pricey these days?  Are real golfers kind of annoying, at times?

Do you want to get out in the fresh air and have some cheap fun and relaxing exercise?  Laugh at yourself doing something goofy?

squaxin island to shelton - lake isabellaAre the kids driving you nuts?  Or maybe you just want to feel like a kid again yourself?

Then hop in the car and drive to Lake Isabella’s “Disc Golf” course!

It’s about halfway between Kamilche (Little Creek Resort) and Shelton, just off Highway 101.

What?  You’ve never heard of disc golf?

Disc Golf–AKA Frisbee Golf

Okay.  Here it is.

You take an ordinary Frisbee (or “flying disc,” if you are buying a cheap knock-off brand, like we always did for our kids.  The dogs were going to quickly destroy it, anyway.) Continue reading Frisbee Golf at Mason County’s Lake Isabella State Park!


Agate Hunting around Ocean Shores

Do you love just wandering aimlessly along a beach, listening to the waves and looking at the bounty scattered along the sand?

You might just have what it takes to be an agate hunter.agate damon

You don’t need to buy a license.  You don’t need equipment or supplies.  All you need is a little time and patience.

Agates are a semi-precious stone, and are often banded and striped.  They form as nodules in volcanic rocks, which are smoothed over time by water.

The beaches around Ocean Shores are popular locations for agate hunting. Continue reading Agate Hunting around Ocean Shores


Homemade Dog Treats–They’ll Love Them!

Our dogs love this homemade treat.  You can make them any size or shape that works for your fur babies.

The key to making this  cookie firm and crunchy is to bake it at a low temperature for a long time.   I bake them at 275 degrees for about 50 minutes, and let them cool before you package them up.

No artificial ingredients here!  These can have a strong smell when they are baking, so don’t make them when fussy people might show up.

This recipe makes a lot of treats – you can cut it in half, thirds, etc. Continue reading Homemade Dog Treats–They’ll Love Them!


Create Easy, Inexpensive Terrariums – Fun for All Ages

I loved creating simple, easy terrariums as a girl.   All ages can enjoy making them, and they add a simple elegance.

Open terrarium
Open terrarium

They’re inexpensive, low maintenance, and any problems are easy to fix.   Make sure you do a little research first, before you buy your plants and supplies.

Choose plants with similar moisture and light needs.

Terrariums can be open or covered.   Open terrariums can tolerate some direct sun, but too much bright sunlight can burn leaves that touch the sides of the container.

Sun-loving plants that grow in natural light will do well in an open container, including low-moisture succulents.

Closed terrarium
Closed terrarium

Terrariums can also be covered – with plastic wrap, or a clear cover. Covered terrariums can take bright light as long as it’s not direct sunlight, which can cook the plants.

Just watch the heat in your covered terrarium, as well as the light, since covering a terrarium increases the heat.  Watch a covered terrarium’s moisture as well.

Once started, covered terrariums rarely need watering.   Clouding and condensation are signs of too much moisture, which can sicken plants and cause mold, mildew, and algae growth.  Uncover the terrarium for a while to release excess moisture. Continue reading Create Easy, Inexpensive Terrariums – Fun for All Ages


Car Games, Car Songs, Old Fashioned Car Fun

eaglesQuit texting, facebooking, surfing the net in the car.  Put away those video games and tablets!  The world is rolling by, in all its glory.

And the beautiful scenery around southwest Washington can take your breath away, no matter how many times you see it.

So, kids of all ages, why not have some fun with it?

Easy Car Games

“I Spy”

What could be better than “I Spy”?  The faster the car is moving, the higher the skill level!i spy 2

As an indoor game you start off with “I spy with my little eye” — but who has time to spit that out in a moving car, when the object will be quickly gone from view?

This guessing game was preceded by an 18th century British game called Hy Spy–a twist on Hide and Seek.  The “History and antiquities of the town and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1789” stated:  I spye is the  usual exclamation at a childish game called, ‘Hie, spy, hie.’

So hie, spy or I spy…it’s all easy.   One player is the spy.  The spy sees something out the window (or in the car, during long stretches) and says, “I spy something….” and gives an adjective.  The others try to guess.   You’d better make it easy if the object will be behind you in a few seconds.

That’s it.   Either the eventual winner becomes the next spy–or if you have little kids playing, you’d better give them a turn, or they’ll mope.

“Alphabet and Numbers”

You can play this with road signs, bumper stickers, license plates, anything.aberdeen sign

Just start with “one” and “A.”  Go in order.  It’s up to you if you feel like starting over with “one” after hitting “nine”– or whether you want to venture into the teens and beyond.  And good luck with “Q” and “Z.” Continue reading Car Games, Car Songs, Old Fashioned Car Fun