K-9 Dexter Apprehends Burglary Suspect on Yelm Hwy

From the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit:

At approximately 1:00 pm on January 5, an alert citizen called 911 to report a possibly burglary of a residence in the 2600 block of Yelm Hwy SE.

Two deputies arrived on scene and a male fled out the back window of the residence.

Fortunately, K9 Dexter was already on scene with his partner.

After a lengthy K9 track and multiple sightings and fence crossings, the suspect was located hiding in a garage under a pile of items.

K9 Dexter assisted in taking the suspect into custody and the suspect was booked into Thurston County Jail for Residential Burglary.

Good job, K9 Dexter!

Click here for more information about the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office K9 program.

Super easy faux concrete pots and planters

A great way to re-purpose disposable plastic containers –

Love the homespun look of concrete pots and planters, but can’t stand lugging them around?  Or dropping one on your foot?

Or is it just too intimidating to work with pure concrete mixtures?

Try this super-easy and inexpensive method to make your own faux concrete pots and planters.  They are much lighter than regular concrete, too!  Even elderly people and children will have no problem filling and moving these pots.

Don’t have any fancy molds?

That’s the best part of these creations!  You can use anything as a mold, as long as it’s flexible and disposable. Continue reading Super easy faux concrete pots and planters

Spend a Quiet Night in the Willapa Hills

The utter peace of spending the night in a deep quiet forest in the Willapa Hills.  Fresh chantrelle mushrooms, melodic streams, wild things, making dinner by a crackling fire before sleeping under a simple covering.

The next morning, make pancakes in the rain with the simplest of tools, over a still burning fire.

This is a beautiful video about a single night spent in a peaceful forest, in the most primitive of conditions. Continue reading Spend a Quiet Night in the Willapa Hills

Frisbee Golf at Mason County’s Lake Isabella State Park!

Is real golf a little pricey these days?  Are real golfers kind of annoying, at times?

Do you want to get out in the fresh air and have some cheap fun and relaxing exercise?  Laugh at yourself doing something goofy?

squaxin island to shelton - lake isabellaAre the kids driving you nuts?  Or maybe you just want to feel like a kid again yourself?

Then hop in the car and drive to Lake Isabella’s “Disc Golf” course!

It’s about halfway between Kamilche (Little Creek Resort) and Shelton, just off Highway 101.

What?  You’ve never heard of disc golf?

Disc Golf–AKA Frisbee Golf

Okay.  Here it is.

You take an ordinary Frisbee (or “flying disc,” if you are buying a cheap knock-off brand, like we always did for our kids.  The dogs were going to quickly destroy it, anyway.) Continue reading Frisbee Golf at Mason County’s Lake Isabella State Park!

Agate Hunting around Ocean Shores

Do you love just wandering aimlessly along a beach, listening to the waves and looking at the bounty scattered along the sand?

You might just have what it takes to be an agate hunter.agate damon

You don’t need to buy a license.  You don’t need equipment or supplies.  All you need is a little time and patience.

Agates are a semi-precious stone, and are often banded and striped.  They form as nodules in volcanic rocks, which are smoothed over time by water.

The beaches around Ocean Shores are popular locations for agate hunting. Continue reading Agate Hunting around Ocean Shores