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Visit Peaceful Mineral Lake

Beautiful, Pristine Mineral Lake

Mineral Lake is a wonderfully scenic and peaceful place.

It’s a great place for a relaxing day hike, or just to gaze out over the beautiful lake.  If you want to stay overnight, there are options that range from bed and breakfasts to tent camping.


Mineral Lake, “home of the ten pound trout,” is famous for its trout and bass fishing.  It’s stocked annually by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Click here to see the leaders of the 2016 Mineral Lake fishing derby!

Click here for more information about Mineral Lake fishing from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Find Mineral Lake

mineral lakeMineral Lake is just a brief jog off of either Route 7 or Route 706, on near the west entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park.

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Camping around Mineral Lake

Mineral Lake has several nearby options for camping, either in tents or RVs.

Mineral Lake Resort – 148 Mineral Hill Road, Mineral.

Besides offering cabins, RV and tent camping accommodations, Mineral Lake Resort has special amenities for fishing.

They have dock fishing, pontoon and rowboat rentals, boat moorage, and a tackle, bait and snack shop.

They also have a special swimming area–where bathers won’t get mistaken for a trout and snagged–and a small water ski area.

Click here to see Mineral Lake Resorts’ website for more information.

Eastcreek Campground – 184 Naugle Road, Mineral.

Eastcreek Campground is a private campground on 20 pristine wooded acres near Elbe, Washington.  Reservations are suggested.

The campground has spots with water and power that will accommodate RVs up to 45 feet, and tent spots.

They have modern restroom facilities.  Showers and a dump station are also available for guests only.

Eastcreek has large campsites with fire pits, private tent areas, and a dump station on site.  Firewood, propane, and ice are available for purchase on site.  Pets are welcome, but they have to follow rules.

Click here to see Eastcreek’s website for more information.

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Mineral Lake’s 1947 UFO Sighting–REAL flying saucers!

At 3:00 pm, on Tuesday, June 24, 1947, near Mineral, a man named Kenneth Arnold claimed the first widely reported UFO sighting in the U.S. press.  Go figure!

While flying his private plane, Arnold said he saw nine flashing, blindingly bright, disc-like or saucer-like objects flying in a chain formation at high speed past Mt. Rainier, weaving and maneuvering in unison.

Arnold also said they weren’t perfectly disc-shaped, but were chopped in the back and came to a point.

Arnold further estimated the distance of flight south of Mt. Rainier and timed it.  He arrived at the then astonishing speed of at least 1200 mph.

Arnold’s sighting resulted in the coining of the popular terms “flying saucer” and “flying disk.”


Easy, Inexpensive Winter Fun at Mt. Rainier – Ranger-Guided Snowshoe Walks!

Ranger-Guided Snowshoe Walks

horse on snowshoes
Even horses can snowshoe!

Don’t ski?  Don’t climb mountains?

Don’t let that stop you from getting outside and enjoying the winter beauty of Mt. Rainier!

Just slap on some borrowed snowshoes and play follow the leader.

Join a park ranger to learn the art of snowshoeing and discover how plants, animals, and people adapt to the challenging winter conditions at Mount Rainier! Continue reading Easy, Inexpensive Winter Fun at Mt. Rainier – Ranger-Guided Snowshoe Walks!