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Grand Funk Railroad rocked out the early 1970s–and again today

Grand Funk Railroad was a constant and carefree fixture on AM radio during the early 1970s.  I remember high school parties where their albums boomed in the background.  We couldn’t keep from dancing.

Their name was a play on the “Grand Trunk Western Railroad” that rumbled through their hometown of Owosso, Michigan.

Grand Funk had great songs with a funky beat, but it was Mark Farner’s voice that defined them.

In 1971, Grand Funk sold out Shea Stadium in 72 hours–faster than the Beatles had.

Grand Funk hit some bumps in the mid-1970s, and broke up.   Mark Farner began his own solo career.

In 1996, three of the original band members reformed with new musicians and a new lead singer, Max Carl of .38 Special, and a new guitarist, Bruce Kulich of Kiss.

Here’s how the lineup looks today –gf today

They are currently touring!

The new Grand Funk will be coming to the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima on September 30 of this year.

Sounds like a fun way to end the summer!

Click here for more information.

Here is Grand Funk in 2013, led by Max Carl.  He kicked off “We’re an American Band” by calling out, “God bless America!”