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Flipper – Original 1964-1967 TV Series

By Melissa Genson

How cool would it have been to have a dad like Porter Ricks, to live at Coral Key Park, Florida–and best of all, to have a smart dolphin like Flipper as a pet?

The Family Channel showed Flipper reruns when our daughter Katy was little, around the late 1980s to early 1990s.  We would tape it and watch it with Steve in the evenings, after he got home from work.  It really was a great family show.  The original series had eighty-eight episodes, running from 1964-1967.

The best part about old shows like Flipper was that they made kids feel like the world was a safe place, and that the grown-ups were in charge.  No matter what troubles befell Sandy, Bud, and Flipper, they would always know that their dad would save the day. Continue reading Flipper – Original 1964-1967 TV Series