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A Mother’s Nightmare, A Child’s Terror, A Hole in Justice

–First published November 11, 2013 in another publication.

Warning – This article contains graphic descriptions of a small boy’s repeat sexual abuse, including attempted suffocation and perversions. I have used the victim’s own words in the descriptions.

Please read April 28, 2014 follow-up article by clicking here.

Update – On January 7, 2015, Tahoe Wiseman was sentenced to serve out his full 80 week sentence for multiple violations of his SSODA disposition, and for flunking a lie detector test about his sex life.  Wiseman admitted to using drugs and having sex with multiple underage girls.  At his sentencing, Wiseman blamed his behavior on my articles.

Tahoe Wiseman is currently suing me for defamation and emotional distress because of these articles.

Here is the original article from November 11, 2013 –

“Mom, he told me not to tell you.”

Thank God he finally told. With those words, a five year old could have saved his own life.

But that doesn’t make up for what has occurred in the seven months since that day.

As soon as the victim’s mother learned what had happened to her little boy, she immediately called the Thurston County Sheriff and Child Protective Services. A protective order was issued to keep the molester away from her son. She did everything she could have done.

But then everything went terribly wrong. Continue reading A Mother’s Nightmare, A Child’s Terror, A Hole in Justice