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Ya-hoo! Remember “Ol’ Hillbilly” Mountain Dew?

The History of Mountain Dew

mt dew ad 1I wasn’t allowed to have many soft drinks or sweets when I was a kid.  So when I had the chance, I would get a Mountain Dew and linger over its syrupy bite.

It was the perfect complement to a Moon Pie or a Nutty Buddy ice cream cone.

It’s had quite a history.

Mountain Dew’s original formula was invented in the 1940s in Marion, Virginia.  It was first marketed in Johnson City and Knoxville, Tennessee in 1948. Continue reading Ya-hoo! Remember “Ol’ Hillbilly” Mountain Dew?


Lapland’s Sami reindeer people–simple life, superfood diet

Simple life, superfood diet of Lapland’s Sami people

lapland mapLapland is a cultural region that spans the arctic areas of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the northwest tip of mainland Russia.

Traditional Laplanders are called the Sami people.  Many of them still live the way their ancestors did, herding reindeer that forage across the wide arctic expanse for lichens in the winter and green plants in the summer.

The Sami lifestyle is simple and peaceful.  The diet is rich in an array of superfoods.

The Sami people rely on reindeer for their very existence.  They eat reindeer meat, use the milk for cheese, and the skins for clothing, blankets, and shelter.  They create tools and decorations from the bones and antlers.


The Sami also use reindeer as pack and harness animals.  Even the Lapland police use reindeer!  In arctic weather, reindeer are more reliable than motorized vehicles or other animals.

lapland police

All reindeer are considered domesticated in Lapland.  Reindeer hunting is illegal.

In this two minute video, a young Sami reindeer herder explains the connection he feels to his reindeer:

Continue reading Lapland’s Sami reindeer people–simple life, superfood diet


Could space experiments help us have healthier food here on earth?

Fresh Veggies in Space

Go Veggie Team!  To infinity and beyond!

NASA has launched its own “Veggie Team.”  Their goal is to develop ways for astronauts to grow their own fresh greenhouse produce while staying at the International Space Station, and other future out of this world lettuce snip 2

Record breaking astronaut Scott Kelly who spent a year in space tweeted: “I missed the color green most during my year in space.  Great to see it again on earth!”scott kelley green in spaceIn the following video, NASA Commentator Brandi Dean talks with Dr. Gioia Massa, a Veggie project scientist, about the team’s space experiments, including a recent crop of zinnias. Continue reading Could space experiments help us have healthier food here on earth?