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Spend a Quiet Night in the Willapa Hills

The utter peace of spending the night in a deep quiet forest in the Willapa Hills.  Fresh chantrelle mushrooms, melodic streams, wild things, making dinner by a crackling fire before sleeping under a simple covering.

The next morning, make pancakes in the rain with the simplest of tools, over a still burning fire.

This is a beautiful video about a single night spent in a peaceful forest, in the most primitive of conditions. Continue reading Spend a Quiet Night in the Willapa Hills

Northwest Carriage Museum in Raymond

Raymond’s Northwest Carriage Museum has one of the nation’s finest collections of 19th century carriages, buggy’s, wagons and historical artifacts.

The museum is located on the scenic Willapa River, at the corner of Highway 101 and State Route 6.

The museum features the actual carriages used in famous old movies–Gone With the Wind, Jezebel, Gentleman Jim, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and The Little Princess.

It’s family friendly, educational, historical and a great place for individuals or group tours.

Hanson Cab
Hanson Cab

The museum has also earned a national reputation for carriage knowledge including historical and restoration information. Continue reading Northwest Carriage Museum in Raymond