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Frisbee Golf at Mason County’s Lake Isabella State Park!

Is real golf a little pricey these days?  Are real golfers kind of annoying, at times?

Do you want to get out in the fresh air and have some cheap fun and relaxing exercise?  Laugh at yourself doing something goofy?

squaxin island to shelton - lake isabellaAre the kids driving you nuts?  Or maybe you just want to feel like a kid again yourself?

Then hop in the car and drive to Lake Isabella’s “Disc Golf” course!

It’s about halfway between Kamilche (Little Creek Resort) and Shelton, just off Highway 101.

What?  You’ve never heard of disc golf?

Disc Golf–AKA Frisbee Golf

Okay.  Here it is.

You take an ordinary Frisbee (or “flying disc,” if you are buying a cheap knock-off brand, like we always did for our kids.  The dogs were going to quickly destroy it, anyway.) Continue reading Frisbee Golf at Mason County’s Lake Isabella State Park!

Agate Hunting around Ocean Shores

Do you love just wandering aimlessly along a beach, listening to the waves and looking at the bounty scattered along the sand?

You might just have what it takes to be an agate hunter.agate damon

You don’t need to buy a license.  You don’t need equipment or supplies.  All you need is a little time and patience.

Agates are a semi-precious stone, and are often banded and striped.  They form as nodules in volcanic rocks, which are smoothed over time by water.

The beaches around Ocean Shores are popular locations for agate hunting. Continue reading Agate Hunting around Ocean Shores

Learn Fingerspelling (You May Need it One Day)

Are the kids stuck indoors, in the car, or just plain bored?

Have them learn “fingerspelling”–the one-handed American Manual Alphabet.  It’s an important part of American Sign Language.manual alphabet snip 1

It’s lots of fun, and it keeps kids occupied.  They also learn something useful that they may need someday, to communicate with someone who is deaf.

Isn’t it great to teach your kids something that they could later use to help a stranger?  Or help them chat with a deaf friend?

And it’s always fun to learn a special new code.  It’s really great for those times when kids need to keep quiet. Continue reading Learn Fingerspelling (You May Need it One Day)

Razor Clams 101 – Digging, Cleaning and Cooking

These videos show you how to dig clean, and cook razor clams.  Cleaning and cooking is demonstrated both inside the kitchen and in the great outdoors.

This following video is from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife –

Continue reading Razor Clams 101 – Digging, Cleaning and Cooking