Simple-to-make wild bird food for our northwest winter

PB and Yummies for Wild Birds in Winter

You don’t need a fancy feeder to serve this simple wild bird food concoction.  Whip it up, smear it on the nearest post or tree trunk, and store the rest in an airtight tub. You can make it either meaty or vegan–your choice.   Either way, your feathered friends will thank you!

If you cook bacon, save up the grease until you have one cup.  A great way to “up-cycle” something that was destined for the garbage!

If you don’t cook bacon, just substitute lard or vegetable shortening.  You can also mix up a combo of these fats.

Recipe –

1 cup of either: bacon grease, lard, melted suet, vegetable shortening, or coconut oil–or a mixture
1 cup peanut butter
2 cups cornmeal (you may need to adjust the amount to get the right consistency).  You can also add some birdseed, nuts or dried fruit.

Mix the grease and peanut butter together. Gradually add the cornmeal and any other dry ingredients, until it reaches a good spreading consistency.

To use this treat, spread it onto the trunk of a tree, a post, or put in a feeder.

Save the rest in an airtight container.  The birds will be wanting a second helping soon!  Just keep an eye out for your cats.  They’ll be watching, too!

Fresh Fruit in Winter as Wild Bird Food

No time to make the above concoction?

Just like the rest of us, wild birds enjoy fresh fruit in the winter.

Slice apples and oranges and either skewer them onto a tree or post, or just toss the pieces where the birds can find them.   You can also pull off a strip of banana peel, and give them the rest of the whole banana.

Wild birds love dried fruit too–raisins, cranberries, and the like.

On our farm, we leave some apples, pears, and crabapples on our trees for the birds to snack on throughout the winter.

Till spring then…we’ll all stay happy and well fed!

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