Lower your heating bills-replace window blinds with pretty no-sew curtains

Both propane and electricity costs are going up this winter.

And strict new wood burning laws make it hard to rely on a trusty wood stove or fireplace.

Slatted window blinds don’t hold out the cold that well.  And it’s hard to keep them dusted.  Besides, they can make your home look as comforting as a dentist office.

The same goes for vertical blinds on sliding glass doors.  They’re hard to keep clean, they don’t look very homey, and they don’t keep out the cold very well.

Sure, you can buy some ridiculously priced, heavy duty new fabric and an equally overpriced sewing pattern.  Then you can pull the sewing machine out from the back of the closet, then somehow find the time and space to whip up some pretty, energy efficient new curtains.

Or you can buy ready-made curtains and liners.  If you can find some that fit your windows and doors.

But it’s hard finding some that don’t look like you snitched them from a motel.  And they can be really expensive.


You can create some unique and energy efficient curtains for windows and doorways in just a few minutes, for peanuts.

In the summer, you can take down your heavy winter curtains and leave up the liners for privacy.  Then you can use your winter curtains for everything from picnics to camping out!

When autumn returns, just toss them in the washer and clip them back up.  They’ll keep you warm and snuggly once again.

These work particularly well in open doorways, like the ones leading into bedroom closets, laundry rooms, and open doorways between rooms.

Four easy pieces –

Your new energy efficient curtains just takes four things-

(1) A thick blanket, quilt, or bedspread to use as the main curtain–one that is the same size as your window or door, or just a little larger.

If you can’t find one small enough, just cut it down to size (allow a few inches for a hem) and use some iron-on hem tape.  It’s cheap and easy to find–just follow the directions on the package.  Or hand-stitch a simple hem.

(2) A lightweight table cloth for the liner–the same size as the curtain, or a little smaller.  A lace tablecloth makes a really lovely liner.  You can usually find inexpensive lace tablecloths in discount stores, or at the Goodwill.  Stains in lace tablecloths usually disappear with a few hot washes in detergent and bleach.  For doors, you can use a bedsheet.

If your blanket, quilt, or bedspread has a nice lining or “flip side,” you won’t even need a liner!

(3) “Insta-clips” – a miraculous invention that hooks a sturdy clip to a ring.  Available at Target and elsewhere – click here to see some Insta-clips for sale.


(4) A curtain rod–an expandable curtain rod will do.  If your main curtain is extra-heavy, then get an extra-sturdy curtain rod to hold it up.  Curtain rods usually don’t break the bank.  You can find them in any discount store.

Four easy steps –

(1) Spread out the main curtain (quilt, blanket, or bedspread).  Lay the liner (lace tablecloth, etc) over it.

(2) Attach Insta-clips, at regular intervals, across what will be the top.

(3) Slide curtain rod through Insta-clip rings, and

(4) Attach curtain rod to cover the window or doorway.

And you’re done!

When warm weather returns, just remove the heavy curtain and leave up the liner as your summer curtain.

If you didn’t have a curtain liner, just find a pretty sheet or lightweight tablecloth to replace your heavier curtain.

That’s it!




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