Spend a Quiet Night in the Willapa Hills

The utter peace of spending the night in a deep quiet forest in the Willapa Hills.  Fresh chantrelle mushrooms, melodic streams, wild things, making dinner by a crackling fire before sleeping under a simple covering.

The next morning, make pancakes in the rain with the simplest of tools, over a still burning fire.

This is a beautiful video about a single night spent in a peaceful forest, in the most primitive of conditions.

The “fatwood” he found is a special kind of resinous wood in the stump of a tree.   It makes great kindling.

We all need to find little ways to leave the clamber and clatter of today’s fast paced world, to find simplicity, solitude, and tranquility of heart, mind, and soul.

The world can turn without us for a day.  Maybe even longer.

Willapa Hills

willapa hillsThe Willapa Hills are bordered by the Willapa Bay and the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Columbia River to the south, the Olympic Mountains to the north, the Chehalis River Valley and the Cascade Range to the east.

Included within the province are the Black Hills, the Doty Hills, and a number of broad river valleys, some of which open up into broad estuaries on the Pacific such as Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay.

The Black Hills make up much of the western border of Thurston County.

Black Hills
Black Hills

The Willapa Hills are one of the Pacific Coast Ranges, which continue north as the Olympic Mountains and south, across the Columbia River, as the Oregon Coast Range.

The highest point is 3,087-foot (941 m) Boistfort Peak.  The Willapa Hills are the lowest uplands in the entire Pacific Coast Range system.boistfort peak

A number of rivers originate in the region, including the Chehalis River, Willapa River, North River, Bone River, Niawiakum River, Palix River, Bear River, Naselle River, Grays River, and Elochoman River, among others.

The Chehalis River goes through the southwest corner of Thurston County.

Chehalis River basin
Chehalis River basin

Dollar Store Survival Pack

Our camper in the above video, J. Richmond, has made a video about making a survival pack for ten dollars, made with items from a dollar store.  His kit includes two meals and supplies to make a shelter and a fire.



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