Frisbee Golf at Mason County’s Lake Isabella State Park!

Is real golf a little pricey these days?  Are real golfers kind of annoying, at times?

Do you want to get out in the fresh air and have some cheap fun and relaxing exercise?  Laugh at yourself doing something goofy?

squaxin island to shelton - lake isabellaAre the kids driving you nuts?  Or maybe you just want to feel like a kid again yourself?

Then hop in the car and drive to Lake Isabella’s “Disc Golf” course!

It’s about halfway between Kamilche (Little Creek Resort) and Shelton, just off Highway 101.

What?  You’ve never heard of disc golf?

Disc Golf–AKA Frisbee Golf

Okay.  Here it is.

You take an ordinary Frisbee (or “flying disc,” if you are buying a cheap knock-off brand, like we always did for our kids.  The dogs were going to quickly destroy it, anyway.)

You drive to one of a growing number of disc golf courses in western Washington.

You walk along a lovely trail and at designated points, you stop at a pad and try to throw your frisbee into a basket.

Some folks like to ramp it up a bit, like this young man at the (closed for now) Shelton Springs course.  His disc collection is deserving of its own real live caddy.

Lake Isabella State Park’s Nine-Hole Disc Golf Course

According to, Lake Isabella State Park is “a laid back disc golf course in an underutilized state park.  You may be the only one there on a Saturday.”

“Great for beginning disc golfers or if you just want to try something new.  Active locals are working hard to improve current 9 hole disc golf course, with dreams of much more.”

What a wonderful community project! Providing affordable recreation for singles and groups alike.  A sport that’s accessible for everyone!

Lake Isabella State Park’s other attractions

Lake Isabella State Park has many other attractions, besides the disc golf course.

It has wonderful views of Lake Isabella and the Olympic Mountains.

It’s a large area of wide open hills, surrounded by trees.

Lake Isabella State Park - from
Lake Isabella State Park – from

And it has a large, easy access to Lake Isabella, courtesy of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.wdfw access lake isabella

Lake Isabella is also great for wading, swimming, boating, and fun fishing.  Or just a peaceful walk along with water.

A Discover Pass is required to visit Lake Isabella State Park.  Click here to learn more about Discover Passes.

The below maps show you how to get to to Lake Isabella State Park:

location (distance) lake isabella state park

isabella lake off 101

close up lake isabella state park



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