Mayfield Lake and Mayfield Dam

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Tacoma Power creates recreational opportunities, while bringing us energy –

Did you know that some of our most popular recreation spots were created by dams built by Tacoma Power?

On Highway 12 East, on the way to White Pass, stop and visit Mayfield Lake–one of Tacoma Power’s loveliest contributions to our area.  Mayfield Lake was created by Mayfield Dam.mayfield lake bridge

Mayfield Dam is a sight worth seeing, on its own.

Mayfield Lake is on Beach Road, off of Highway 12.  Go about 17 miles east on Hwy 12 after getting off of I-5 Exit 68.

Mayfield Dam

Mayfield Dam was completed in 1963.  Above the bedrock, its concrete arch towers 250 feet high, and stretches 850 feet long. This gravity dam that formed Mayfield Lake with water from two rivers.mayfield dam

In addition to the Cowlitz River, water from the Tilton River also contributes to Mayfield Lake.   The dam and its related structures and turbines can provide 162 megawatts of power.

Mayfield Dam provides electicity to nearly 58,000 homes each year!

Mayfield Lake

The 2,250-acre Mayfield Lake offers year-round recreation.mayfield lake 1

Public boat ramps and campgrounds are located at Mayfield Lake Park and Ike Kinswa State Park, which is mostly located on Tacoma Power property.

Several privately run recreational areas operate with permits from Tacoma Power.

Tacoma Power owns the shoreline around Mayfield Lake, some of which is designated for wildlife habitat.mayfield lake 2

Red arrow shows location of Mayfield Lake

Under certain situations, permits are issued to neighboring property owners who wish to have a boat dock on the lake and meet the conditions of the permit.

Click here to get more information about camping and facilities at Mayfield Lake.

Click here to get information about Ike Kinswa State Park, near Silver Creek.

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