Agate Hunting around Ocean Shores

Do you love just wandering aimlessly along a beach, listening to the waves and looking at the bounty scattered along the sand?

You might just have what it takes to be an agate hunter.agate damon

You don’t need to buy a license.  You don’t need equipment or supplies.  All you need is a little time and patience.

Agates are a semi-precious stone, and are often banded and striped.  They form as nodules in volcanic rocks, which are smoothed over time by water.

The beaches around Ocean Shores are popular locations for agate hunting.

Damon Point is a particular favorite for agate hunters, as well as driftwooders and other beach combers and nature lovers.  Located at the southernmost tip of the Ocean Shores Peninsula, it’s a lot more peaceful than the hubbub of much of Ocean Shores.

This photo shows some Damon Beach agates after they have been spiffed up.damon beach agates

Don’t want to invest in fancy rock polishing equipment?

These videos shows how to clean up and polish your agates without spending money.

I just love this following video.  It shows another simple way of polishing rocks on the cheap.  Plus, the kids are hilarious.

So pack a lunch and head on down to the beach.  Treasures await!


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