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Darkness, Hate and Fear-Exposing JZ Knight's Ramtha Cult in Yelm

JZ Knight’s Rules of Murder, Hate and Fear

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“We’re Going Out in a Blaze of Glory”

Two months after the shootings, JZ Knight proclaimed to her cheering RSE audience in Yelm, “We’re going out in a blaze of glory in this life.”

There were children in that audience.  RSE parents teach their children to revere JZ Knight as their god. They believe her teachings are divine, and the absolute truth.

We can remember other secret groups who went out in a blaze of glory, in other places.  Other secret groups who took their children to glory with them.

Just as we remember Constable Jacob Boleme.

JZ Knight’s Secrecy Oaths at RSE

JZ Knight makes her followers sign secrecy oaths before they can attend any RSE events, promising not to tell outsiders of her teachings.  The secrecy oaths forbid them from even telling of a dream they may have had about RSE and Knight’s teachings.

These secrecy oaths last until twenty-one years after JZ Knight’s death.

So far, these written oaths have been upheld in court as valid contracts.  JZ does not hesitate to drag anyone into court who she suspects of sharing her secret teachings with outsiders.

People who preach all sweetness and light do not turn around and fight tooth and nail to keep their teachings secret, at any cost.

Our community living outside the walls of the RSE compound has the right to know the reasons for all the secrecy.

Particularly any Thurston County employees who may be sent on a naïve, misguided mission to enter an armed doomsday bunker surrounded by “No Trespassing” signs.

Especially if those signs were put up by someone who believes that there is no right or wrong—not even murder.

And as far as my husband Steve and me—we will do our best to learn what is behind the secrets and behind the high RSE walls, and to share it with you—our community.

It’s the least we can do for Jacob and his family.

A World of Her Own

JZ Knight continues to live in her luxurious Yelm mansion.   It’s surrounded by high walls, and reported to be patrolled by armed guards.

Knight still jets to glamorous spots around the world with the rich and famous.  She is buoyed by her celebrity friends, and her wealth accrued from decades of brainwashed followers.

JZ Knight is aided by her New York PR firm, who can apparently handle anything—including the assassination of a young father, who was just doing his job that day.

In the eyes of JZ’s followers, Constable Jacob Boleme was apparently a person of little importance.

JZ Knight and the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, however, are names that are still well known in both South Africa and France.

JZ Knight entertains her cheering RSE crowd two months afterBoleme's murder
JZ Knight plays with a Twinkie to entertain her cheering RSE crowd in Yelm, two months after Jacob Boleme’s murder

Soon after her followers murdered Jacob Boleme, JZ Knight videotaped herself gushing to her throng about her bikini adventures on a luxury yacht with her pal Linda Evans.

She devoured a Twinkie on stage during a camera close-up, playfully opening her mouth to show off the half-eaten contents.

As JZ had explained on ABC’s 20/20:

“If a person is ever sorry about what they ever did, then they will never learn, and they never progress and go forward.”

JZ Knight has also been well protected over the years, quite efficiently, by her secrecy contract, her cache of lawyers, and her apparent influence with local and state government.

And she has been protected as well, by the fear that she has managed to instill in so many.

The kind of fear that led a South African farmer to call the police.

The same kind of fear that put a bullet in Officer duToit’s spine, and ended Constable Boleme’s life, leaving his daughters without a father.

The same kind of fear that could greet a Thurston County employee who was sent to enter an armed RSE sovereign bunker, which hides the owner’s gold stash.

Built by someone who has been brainwashed to hate and fear everyone, particularly the government.

Built by someone who has been taught that there is no right or wrong – not even murder.

This is a risk that Assessor Steven Drew appears willing for his employees to take.

Feature image from the South African Police Officers Memorial website.

South African Police Officers Memorial

– article first published by Melissa Genson on November 11, 2013.

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