Sandra Romero and Adviser Steve Klein Withheld Critical Evidence in JZ Knight Lawsuit

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Romero advisor Steve Klein also refused McCarthy’s request

In her lawsuit against David McCarthy, JZ Knight stated that McCarthy had made false accusations against her and her organization.

To defend himself against that claim, McCarthy sought to prove that JZ Knight and her RSE managers had committed multiple illegal acts, including business fraud.

Washington State law prohibits fraudulent claims in business.

In January 2014, David McCarthy requested proof of Steve Klein’s claims that he had bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration, and had once held “several executive positions in the airline industry.”  Klein uses that claim in his role in JZ Knight’s management at RSE.

Klein refused to answer David McCarthy’s request for proof of his credentials, “on advice of counsel.”

Meanwhile, he still uses these very same credentials to induce the public to trust both him and JZ Knight.

Romero Turns to Klein for Help Because of Revelations by David McCarthy and Virginia Coverdale

One of McCarthy’s 2012 YouTube videos challenged Sandra Romero’s ethics because of her September 2012 visit to RSE as an honored guest, after she had been repeatedly told about illegal and dangerous activities there.

Screen shot from David McCarthy's video "JZ Knight: Behind the Mask"
Screen shot from David McCarthy’s video “JZ Knight: Behind the Mask”

Besides being powerful women in Thurston County, Sandra Romero and JZ Knight appear to have other things in common.

JZ Knight sues multiple people for exposing her illegal activities to the public, without acknowledging responsibility for her actions.

Following Sandra Romero’s DUI arrest that involved her crashing into an occupied vehicle as she fled from police pursuit, as well as her driving down the wrong side of the freeway while making an apparent hit and run, Romero told the police officer that “I did nothing wrong” and “you have ruined my political career,” as shown below.romero arrest

Romero was a Democratic Representative to the Washington State Legislature from the 22nd District at the time of her arrest.

Following the 2012 release of the McCarthy and Coverdale videos about Romero and Knight, Sandra Romero turned to “airline executive” Steve Klein for advice on how to talk to a reporter after the resulting negative publicity, as shown in this email chain.

Klein assured Romero that he knew the reporter, who had been a student of JZ Knight and “honors boundaries.”

Klein further coached Romero how to gently dissuade the reporter if he “pushed.”romero klein emails

Sandra Romero, Her Largest Donor JZ Knight, and Their Impact on Thurston County

Here is a video clip from Sandra Romero’s September 2012 speech to JZ Knight’s followers, after she had been repeated told about illegal and dangerous activities at RSE.  In this video, Romero incites fear about the Freedom Foundation’s project called STOP Thurston County.

Here is a video of Freedom Foundation’s Glen Morgan addressing the Thurston County Commissioners, including Sandra Romero, about the STOP Thurston County signs.  Morgan had explained the sign to Romero a year before she incited fear about it at RSE.

This video shows some of the work of STOP Thurston County, that Romero incited fear over:


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