JZ Knight’s Rules of Hate, Fraud…Salma and Linda

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In front of a 2011 audience, Knight mocked the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust: “F-ck God’s chosen people! I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the g-ddamned gas chambers by now.”

Cheers followed that statement. Children frolicked in the audience.

Knight then ordered her devoted followers—including the children—not to be ashamed of this teaching.

Back to the 2012 video:

JZ Knight briefly turns away from Linda Evans, to discuss her own financial prowess with the rest of the audience.

snipped redacted j berry email 3m“That’s why she earns the big bucks. That’s why 3M and the Nasdaq corporations seek her privately.  And that’s why she’s so confident she has them pay nothing, until she’s right.  And that is f—ing greatness.”

“I am a voice in the wilderness, sitting right here. And you are patrons who are hostile. You still want me to prove why you’re wrong, and I will never prove that!”

Knight turns back toward Linda Evans and wags her finger.

“The subtleness of mind is a f—ing supplicant crawling to the hierophant, and I don’t think you’ve done that recently.”

She angrily slaps her chair.  “You still think you know better, I know you do! You don’t even apply what I’ve taught you unless I call your ass on it and embarrass you.”

JZ Knight again turns away from Linda Evans, back to her audience.

“That’s what people give me, a bid for a private reading with me.   You know why they pay fifty thousand dollars to spend six hours with me? Because I’m going to take them through the wringer.”

Knight suddenly raises her fees. “It’s worth sixty thousand f—ing dollars to know why you’re going to go to hell and how you can be redeemed and go to heaven.  Turn to your neighbor and tell them that. ”

JZ Knight cues music, and her followers discuss this latest information between themselves.   She gives no reason for the sudden ten thousand dollar increase for her consultation fee.   Her followers don’t seem to notice.

“Why Us?”

3M is a worldwide conglomerate, with annual revenues of $30 billion, and 84,200 employees. 3M is ranked No. 1 on Fortune magazine’s list of “World’s Most Admired Companies” for medical equipment.

My husband Steve’s phone call to 3M went directly to corporate Public Relations Manager Jacqueline Berry.   On her request, Steve sent the evidence of JZ Knight’s claim to Ms. Berry, who took the claim—and the video—very seriously.

After watching the video, Jacqueline Berry took it upon herself to do her own internal investigation of 3M, to see if there could be any possible truth to JZ Knight’s claim.

Berry gave Steve updates.   She also mentioned that she couldn’t even watch Knight’s video in her office because of the language.

After Jacqueline Berry’s investigation turned up nothing, she sent a written denial:

“Hi Steve,

As we discussed, 3M is not in any way affiliated with Ms. Knight.



The video was then forwarded to 3M’s legal department.

Perplexed by JZ Knight’s wild claim about 3M, Jacqueline Berry still had one question for Steve: “Why us?”

A former longtime employee of JZ Knight had an idea about that.

“JZ would read a lot, and watch TV constantly—CNN, Discovery Channel, the History Channel, everything.

If she saw something she liked, she would work it into her own teachings, and somehow take credit for it.  Her followers never doubted her.”

JZ Knight made her claim about 3M in February 2012.   At that time, 3M was featured in both business and technology news.   3M had recently bought the Office and Consumer Products of Avery Dennison (the sticky labels) for $550 million, and had also acquired the Winterthur Technology Group, a bonded abrasives company.

3M’s innovative Cloud System for public libraries was a big splash in technology news in January and February 2012.

According to 3M,  “By eliminating the need for an Adobe ID, 3M allows patrons to simply install the app, select their library, and enter their library card number, after which they can browse the system, check out and read books.   The 3M Cloud Library doesn’t ask for detailed information from patrons such as name, email address or a new password like many competitive systems require. All that is needed is a valid library card number in good standing.”

These are the people who, according to JZ Knight, sought private advice from her.

The kind of advice that apparently would have made Linda Evans a “multi, multi-millionaire,” but who was struggling instead, according to JZ Knight.

A World of Fraud

JZ Knight’s ex-followers have said that this kind of inducement—her claims like the one about 3M, and her use of her celebrity followers like Linda Evans and Salma Hayek—caused them to continue to give Knight money, attend her events, and buy her products, hoping to catch a glimpse of that greatness and “insider knowledge.”

Many times, it led to their own ruin.

Hill’s Legal Dictionary defines “slander” as oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed.

Businesses and individuals assume that their reputations could be severely damaged by associating with someone who makes bigoted statements or fraudulent claims.  Sponsors fled from Paula Deen.

And Oprah Winfrey reversed her endorsement of author James Frey, saying she felt duped after learning his autobiography was fictionalized.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.86.020 states that

Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce are hereby declared unlawful.

This was the latest in a series of false claims by JZ Knight—the kind that would induce her followers to give Knight all their money, in complete faith—to the point where they would end up needing to live off of friends, relatives, or government assistance.

They didn’t get any of their money back from Knight.

Waking Up

Many of these past followers now live far from the high walls of Knight’s luxurious Yelm compound.

They have “woken up,” which means that they have broken free from JZ’s brainwashing and fear.

Many came to JZ Knight at the lowest point of their lives.  They had recently suffered a terrible tragedy or loss.  They were vulnerable and lost.

Knight promised that she could take away their pain.  Give them a fresh start.

Many said that they had lived their whole lives with no thought of hate or terrible fear, until they came to RSE. These things had never occurred to them, until their minds became warped and brainwashed by JZ Knight.

Some gave her decades of their lives. That time is now lost.  And now they want to help others break away.  They also want to help us warn our community of what is here in our midst.

But in quiet moments, they still think of what their lives could have been.

– First published by Melissa Genson on November 12, 2013

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