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Darkness, Hate and Fear-Exposing JZ Knight's Ramtha Cult in Yelm

JZ Knight’s Rules of Hate, Fraud…Salma and Linda

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–First published on November 12, 2013

“F-ck God’s chosen people! I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the g-ddamned gas chambers by now.”              – JZ Knight

An unmarked DVD had been left for my husband Steve in a plain gym bag. The introduction said it was from a February 17, 2012 event at Yelm’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE). RSE founder and leader JZ Knight was the video’s chief speaker.

Neither Steve nor I have ever set foot near RSE. And like many people in our community, we had assumed that JZ Knight had left town after her scandalous 1992 divorce trial.

Much to our surprise, we learned that RSE has grown in the decades since that trial. We also learned that RSE is not all New-Age fluff and trance dancing in Harry Potter capes, which is the impression that many people have.

And cult leader JZ Knight is far from the ditsy blonde that she portrays to the public.

After watching a little of the gym bag DVD, it’s easy to figure out why JZ Knight is so desperate to keep her “teachings” a secret from the outside world—and in particular, from those of us who live in Thurston County.

It’s quite a performance. Movie star Linda Evans appears to portray great remorse for listening to a “f—ing Jew,” as shown in this following video.

Warning-profanity, bigotry, and vulgar behavior:

Then there’s JZ Knight’s non-stop profanity, bigotry, vulgarity, fear teachings, and her bizarre claims, like the times she has been up in UFOs.

On top of everything else, JZ Knight says the Christians are trying to assassinate her, but the CIA prevents them—because she is the CIA’s icon and they rely on her.  (The CIA didn’t take Steve’s call too seriously. Apparently Knight’s claims about them aren’t all that unusual for someone to make.)

JZ Knight shrieks abuse and ridicule at her followers, and hate speech against Catholics, Jews, gays, and others—all welcomed with audience cheers. A great show, if you like that sort of thing.

That’s bad enough.

But it’s just the warm up for Knight’s latest plug for her followers’ money, based on a ridiculous claim.   And like her other ridiculous claims before, apparently without a shred of truth.

But many of her followers believe her every word, and act on them.
Hence the secrecy.

JZ Knight smears the reputation of a respected company, 3M, by telling her followers that 3M privately seeks her advice.

3M flatly denies it.

But it was just the latest of a string of such claims over the years, to induce her followers to stay with her, and to send their money her way.

Some of JZ Knight’s ex-followers told us that they were abandoned by their families and now live off government assistance, because they acted on Knight’s outrageous claims, and gave her all of their money. They lost their life savings, their homes, every dime they had.

They didn’t think they were being foolish, since JZ Knight has had impressive back-up to lend credibility to her claims. She had ringing endorsements from movie stars like Linda Evans and Salma Hayek.

JZ’s Best Friend Salma Hayek

Some of JZ’s ex-followers watched Salma Hayek give a live pep talk at RSE about how Knight’s teachings helped her achieve her incredible success—as well as nail down a lucrative TV commercial deal with Coca-Cola.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

Salma made the others believe that they could do the same, if they just followed JZ’s teachings, like she had.

A video of Hayek’s talk was later used in Knight’s beginner classes, with great impact.  Who could doubt Salma?

Even though JZ Knight says that Mexicans are poison, breed like f—ing rabbits, and aren’t worthy of conscious thought. Apparently, she was willing to make an exception for Salma.

On August 2, 2008, JZ spoke on Larry King Live about her best friend Salma Hayek:

KING: You’ve done some work with Salma Hayek?

KNIGHT: This is my best friend.

KING: I mean, does she work with you on this concept we’re talking about?

KNIGHT: She is a student in the school.  She created her future.

KING: You changed her?

KNIGHT: Totally.

KING: Changed you?

KNIGHT: Totally, Larry.

In February 2012, JZ Knight appeared to use actress Linda Evans in a much darker way.

Transcripts from a Secret Video – Money, Hate, Lies, and Linda Evans –

From the gym bag video, dated 2-17-12:

JZ Knight is enthroned on her stage, before a packed RSE arena audience.   Her speech is slurred, her hair is a mess.

She’s clutching her pipe lighter, and her ever present red wine bottle is perched next to her.

She is now glaring in the direction of a prize student, actress Linda Evans, who is sitting near the stage in a coveted spot.

Knight hocks and spits on the stage floor, then begins her rant while glaring toward Linda Evans:

Linda Evans scolded for listening to "F'ing Jew."
Knight’s horrified flock hears that Linda Evans secretly took financial advice from a “F’ing Jew,” rather than from Knight.

“Thank God your channel knew that.”

“Your channel” is one of Knight’s names for herself, when addressing her followers. Throughout her events, she often refers to herself in the third person.

JZ Knight continues: “She’s a success, and you’re struggling to try to be one.”

Knight pauses to plug one nostril, then blows mucus from the other nostril onto the stage floor.  Then she turns back toward Linda Evans and continues.

“She tried to give you insider knowledge, and you wouldn’t give her…her rite of passage, to believe in her.”

Knight’s voice starts to quiver. “So never tell her ever again, you believe in her. Assh-le!”

Some cheers from the crowd.  Camera pans to a sad looking Linda Evans.  Knight continues.

“She tried to make you wealthy”—Linda Evans closes her eyes and nods— “and you gave her to a Jew. F-ck you.”

Linda Evans crunches her face and nods again.  Knight cues music.

“Hit it! Turn to your partner and tell him what you’ve heard.”

Evans drops her head seemingly in remorse.

After a musical interlude where the crowd was apparently to have discussed these transgressions, JZ Knight continues scolding Linda Evans:

“And the truth. Your channel wanted you to be wealthy, and you gave it up to a f—ing Jew. And you overrided (sic) her knowledge, who you say you love beyond words, but you didn’t follow her advice. I could have made you a multi, multi-millionaire.”

Linda Evans nods solemnly. Knight continues:

“But you followed your business manager’s advice because he was a man. I don’t know if we’ll ever reach you.

We have to look at such a god, such a f—ing weak example that we never want to follow.” (JZ Knight refers to her followers as “gods.”)

“When the light of her life was telling her something, but because the light of her life was JZ Knight, and not a man…and what did JZ Knight know, against a Jew?”

Crowd laughter.

“Here is the honest history, the honest history. Because I don’t give a f-ck if she’s still my student or not…”

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