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Darkness, Hate and Fear-Exposing JZ Knight's Ramtha Cult in Yelm

JZ Knight Yells “Put It On YouTube!”-Then Sues Using Fake Contract, Phony Businesses

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–First published June 5, 2014 in Watchdog Wire.

During her March 31, 2011 livestreamed show at her Ramtha School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight bellowed very specific orders to her RSE customers:

“I want it filmed!  I want it put on YouTube!”

“Record it!  Put it on Youtube!  Videotape the world! C’mon.”

“Cameras get it on!  Record this event, and do it now!”

“Put it on YouTube!  Let’s do something!”

In the above video montage, Knight is shown sharing the stage with her RSE teacher Michael Ledwith, in the pink shirt and blue vest.  Ledwith is the defrocked priest whose notorious role in the Irish child molestation scandal made him a hated man in his home country, and cost him his position as president of the National University of Ireland at Maynooth.  Ledwith was singled out for condemnation on the floor of the Irish Senate, with the Minister of State in attendance.

Hiding Evidence Behind “Copyright Infringement”

Since then, however, JZ Knight has spent millions of dollars suing people who followed her orders to “put it on YouTube.”

And whenever any clips of her livestreams are put on YouTube or other video hosting sites, Knight immediately has them taken down, claiming copyright infringement.

JZ Knight is currently claiming copyright infringement over her videotaped opinion of Jews:

“F-ck God’s chosen people!  I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the g-ddamned gas chambers by now.”

JZ Knight apparently thought that only the dance party segments of her livestreams would be put on YouTube.

However, a far darker picture of JZ Knight emerged in late 2012 from livestream clips that were put on YouTube by two of her former customers, as well as clips put online by the Freedom Foundation.

Knight Sues Former Customers for “Putting it on YouTube”

In October 2012, former RSE customer Virginia Coverdale posted a two and a half minute YouTube video showing scenes from Knight’s eleven hour February 2012 livestream.  Coverdale’s video showed clips of Knight raging and hurling profanities against Catholics, Jews, and gays.

The following month, JZ Knight sued Virginia Coverdale for breach of contract, through her corporate moniker “JZK Inc.”  Coverdale has signed JZK’s secrecy contract in 2007, forbidding her from sharing anything from RSE with the outside world.

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Gary Tabor ruled in favor of JZK Inc. on June 28, 2013, and imposed a $600,000 judgment on Coverdale.  Coverdale is currently appealing that decision before the Washington Supreme Court.

Shortly after Coverdale released her video, New Zealander David McCarthy released a twenty minute YouTube video, which also had been edited from the eleven hour 2012 RSE livestream.

McCarthy’s video showed Knight’s unedited anti-Catholic hate rant, and also showed Knight berating actress Linda Evans for turning to a “f-cking Jew” for investment advice, rather than to Knight.

McCarthy is founder and operator of Enlighten Me Free, an organization devoted to exposing JZ Knight and RSE, and helping cult survivors and their families.

JZK Legal Affairs Manager Mike Wright and his wife are seated directly in front of Evans in this video.

David McCarthy’s YouTube video also showed one of Knight’s multiple fraudulent claims about 3M paying her for advice and forecasts.

3M’s management has denied Knight’s claim in writing.

Fraudulent business claims violate  RCW 19.86.020, Washington’s Consumer Protection Act.

Like Virginia Coverdale, David McCarthy had also signed a secrecy contract with RSE, when the document first appeared in 1993.  Although McCarthy had stopped attending RSE events nearly twenty years ago, JZ Knight still sued him for breach of her 1993 contract in 2013.

And like Virginia Coverdale, David McCarthy has very little money.

Because McCarthy could not afford a lawyer to defend him in a trial, he had no choice but to settle out of court with JZ Knight.  The lawsuit dragged on for over a year before the settlement.  It cost McCarthy his health, his income, his peaceful life, his privacy, and more.

JZ Knight Sues for Breach of Contract–Using Her Own Phony Contract

The 1993 document David McCarthy signed was fraudulent.  He had unknowingly signed a contract with a non-existent entity.

JZ Knight sued him anyway, for “breaching” a 1993 contract with her phony business.

McCarthy didn’t learn that the contract was a fake until JZ Knight sued him for breaching it, twenty years later.

Even after learning that JZ Knight’s 1993 contract was phony,  McCarthy still couldn’t afford to defend himself against breaching it.  The New Zealand civil court system is extremely difficult and risky for unrepresented defendants, no matter how solid their defense.

The background-

In 1993, McCarthy signed a secrecy contract with the  “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” (at right.) He had been an RSE customer for four years.

The day that this “contract” appeared as a new and unannounced requirement of admission, RSE customers had waited in line for hours in the rain.  Word got around that it was a simply a release for any injuries, because some customers had gotten hurt there recently.

Nobody was given time to read the contract before signing it.  Nobody got a copy.  If they didn’t sign, they had to leave and not come back.

Nobody told them they had just signed a lifelong secrecy contract protecting JZ Knight, no matter what she did.

Most of all, nobody at RSE told them that it was a fraudulent contract with an illegal operation.rse contract snip

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