WA Bathroom Law Decrees How Women Should Talk, Dress and Act

Bathroom law defines women by men’s imaginary standards

The Washington Human Rights Commission (HRC) is having a tough time trying to enforce their new bathroom law in the real world.

They also can’t seem to enforce their law without stepping all over the ideology of the so-called women’s movement.

The Human Rights Commission’s new law says that any man who feels like he “identifies” as a woman can use any public bathroom, locker room, or shower he chooses.

In one short press release about an incident at a Seattle pool in February, the HRC managed to do their best to reverse a big part of the women’s movement.

According to the HRC’s press release, we’re back to where women have a prescribed way to walk, talk, dress, and act–as dictated by men.

These recycled rules for women are based on how “transgender” men want to dress, talk, and act when they are pretending to be women–not on how real women dress, talk, and act when we are simply living our lives.

Sarinya Srisakul, first female Asian-American firefighter in New York City
Sarinya Srisakul, the first female Asian-American firefighter in New York City

Alright now ladies…HRC decrees who we are and how we should dress, talk, and act

The first dose of the real world came last month when a woman objected to a man in the locker room of a Seattle public pool.  He was later found in the locker room again, when young girls were undressing.  He stated that it was his legal right.

According to HRC’s new bathroom law, he was right. It was up to him to decide whether he felt like a man or a woman that day.  And that is the law’s only criteria.  He doesn’t have to tell anyone about it.

The Human Rights Commission scrambled to come up with a good reason why the woman and the pool weren’t punished as their law had decreed.

And in doing so, they managed to belittle a big part of the last hundred years of the women’s movement.

UK Women's Fire Brigade, 1916
UK Women’s Fire Brigade, 1916

From the HRC’s press release about the incident:

“According to witnesses, the man never identified himself as transgender.”

But according to the HRC’s own law, he didn’t have to identify himself.  And it would have been against the law for the woman or the pool to ask him. 

But here is where the HRC really steps into it:

“He did not express a female gender identity through voice, dress, or mannerisms.”

So what exactly is a female voice, dress, or mannerism?

Women have spent the last hundred years saying that they don’t have to talk, dress, or act a certain way to fit into anyone’s idea of what a woman should be.

How can we tell if a naked man in a shower wore a dress that day?

The HRC press release continued to justify why they didn’t demand the prosecution of a woman who reacted normally when a man came into her locker room.  The same man who was there later, when young girls were undressing.

By complaining about his presence, the woman broke the law–as did the pool.  The pool staff was supposed to defend the man’s right to shower with young girls in a public facility.

The HRC continued to rationalize why they didn’t prosecute either the woman who complained, or the pool management:

“He was a man,  but in the wrong place.  And even worse, when he was asked to leave, he refused to do so.” 

But it was against the HRC’s own law to ask him to leave.

And since transgenders don’t have to identify themselves, it’s up to the rest of us to try to guess how a man really feels about his genitals, and then hedge our bets–or face prosecution.

And yes, HRC, he was a man with a penis in a girls’ locker room.   That’s what caused the fracas.  Don’t any of you have daughters?

And even if he had been an HRC-approved transgender, he still would have had a man’s tool box in a girls’ locker room, as far as anyone would have been able to see.

If a man is naked in the women’s shower, how are we supposed to know if he wore a dress that day?

We used to just call them male chauvinists

Any woman or girl who tries to defend her body’s privacy can be prosecuted.  And business or government office that defends her can also be prosecuted and fined.

Which shows the massive disconnect between a transgender man saying he identifies as a woman, as opposed to identifying with women.

Identifying with women means caring about what real women think, feel, and need for themselves.  Accepting that real women should have rights, too.

And no matter how much he dislikes his own private parts–any man who threatens girls and women with the hammer of law, simply for wanting their own right to privacy and modesty, is just an old-fashioned male chauvinist pig and bully.

So why aren’t more feminists saying that?  And anyone else who used to advocate for women’s rights?

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